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  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 1.0 Mb
  • Price: $6.99
  • Platform: tvOS
  • Requirements: Minimum iOS Version 9.1
  • Type: TV


iPASTORE TV is a hybrid CodeSign utility with which you can resign & install […]



  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 3.2 Mb
  • Price: $9.99
  • Platform: iOS Universal
  • Requirements: Minimum iOS Version 8.0
  • Type: Lite


iPASTORE is a On device CodeSign utility […]

iPASTORE Premium

 iPASTORE Premium

  • Version: 3.6
  • Size: 5.6 Mb
  • Price: $16.99
  • Platform: iOS Universal
  • Requirements: Minimum iOS Version 7.1.2
  • Type: Premium


iPASTORE is a On device CodeSign […]

What’s happening?

iPASTORE TV now Available

Hello Everyone,

iPASTORE TV app for Apple TV 4th Gen is now available for purchase, via ipastore. Just Go to our shop page, and buy it. Make sure your read our wiki before purchase.

Sadly we had […]

Free Apple Watch UDID Registrations now Open!

Hello Everyone, 

We are very Happy to announce that, now iPASTORE is offering free Apple Watch UDiD Registration for our old […]

A New Team


Hello Everyone,

As you all know, we are constantly working on improving our services so that everyone of you can enjoy what we do.

As a result, […]

Service Maintenance

Hello Everyone,

We are working on our infrastructure and performing service maintenance on all our servers. Everyone Please take a note of it. Maintenance will begin immediately after this post and it will affect following services […]

New Payment Gateway & New Site

Hello Everyone,

We are here with some awesome news for every one. As moving towards our goal we always listen to our customers about what they want and what they say & do exactly that.

Considering […]

Read our Wiki..

How to Install iPASTORE TV & Other Apps on Apple TV 4th Gen

Hello Everyone,

As you know Apple has disabled lot of things in latest TVOS, like ITMS Services which were used to install apps Over the Air, mobilconfig files which were used to Find UDID from device. […]

How to Find your Apple TV 4th Gen UDiD?

To find your idevice udid, please follow below steps.

Note: To Connect Apple TV 4th Gen to PC or MAC, you need a USB – A to USB C cable, thats the only way to […]

I Lost my activation Email. How to Install iPASTORE?

Hello Everyone,

We were receiving many requests lately about losing activation mail, Link in mail not working, we did not receive mail, how we are supposed to install iPASTORE, so we took care of that […]

How to Install & Activate iPASTORE?

This tutorial gives you information on how to Download & activate iPASTORE once your purchase has been activated by our team. Please follow the steps below & before you begin..

1. Please kill Safari from Multitasking.

2. […]

How to Find your iDevice UDiD?

What is a UDiD?

Every iPhone, iPod, iPad & ATV has a 40 character long Unique Identifier (UDiD) made up of numbers and letters that are specific to that one device. Serial Number is […]

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