What is a UDiD?

Every iPhone, iPod, iPad & ATV has a 40 character long Unique Identifier (UDiD) made up of numbers and letters that are specific to that one device. Serial Number is not UDiD.
Example: db72cb76a00cb81675f19907d4ac2b298628d83c

Device Serial Number

Why do we need your UDiD?

If you want to Develop & Test apps on physical device, device must have its UDiD registered on a Registered Developers Account. Therefore if you want to install iPASTORE and start developing and testing apps, We need your UDiD.

Device UDiD Number (Click Serial Number)

How to find your UDiD

Do not use AppStore applications to find your UDiD, Apple deprecated developer functions related to udid since iOS 6, so they will not give you correct UDiD, Only iTunes or profile checking can get your right UDiD!

You can visit ShowMyUDiD.com from Safari on your iDevice!


1. Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and under “DEVICES” on your iPhone.

2. Select the Summary tab and click on the word “Serial”. This will replace the serial number with the UDiD.

3. Right click the UDiD and you will be give the option to copy unique identifier & Paste with Control-V (windows) or Command-V (mac) in billing information form on UDiD field.