This tutorial gives you information on how to Download & activate iPASTORE once your purchase has been activated by our team. Please follow the steps below & before you begin..

1. Please kill Safari from Multitasking.

2. Please kill Settings from Multitasking.

Lets Begin!


Step 1:

Open your mail app & look for activation mail from iPASTORE. Now Tap on mail to open.

Step 2:

Once you open the mail, tap on the link which says Tap here to Install. Rest of the information in mail is about your purchase. Also keep this mail safe.

Step 3:

After you click on link in the mail, one alert will appear with information about installation and actions either Install or cancel the installation. Tap on Install Button, alert will disappear.

Step 4:

After clicking on Install button on alert, Installation will begin on Home Screen. Which Should be completed soon.


Step 5:

After successful installation, Open the newly installed iPASTORE app. Which will bring you to Activation Screen. Tap on Activate button to begin the Activation Sequence.

Step 6:

Once you tap on Activate button in iPASTORE app, you will be redirected to Settings with the Screen on left. Which will install a temporary provision profile to verify your udid. To proceed tap on Install.

Step 7:

Enter your Phone Passcode. It will be asked if TouchID or Passcode lock enabled.

Step 8:

Tap on Install.

Step 9:

Tap on Install.

Step 10:

After a few seconds of verification you will be redirected to iPASTORE app. If verification is successful you will receive screen like below. Just Click on OK and you are ready to use your app.

If verification fails, that means either you do not have legit iPASTORE purchase, or you have wronged your UDiD while registration, or you are trying on different device.

In ¬†that case please contact admin on [email protected]