Hello Everyone,

We were receiving many requests lately about losing activation mail, Link in mail not working, we did not receive mail, how we are supposed to install iPASTORE, so we took care of that business once and for all.

Please follow tutorial below and you will be up and running and no time.

Step 1:

Open Safari on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and visit https://moon.ipastore.me

Once it’s open, tap on Tap Here to Install button.

After you tap it, it will redirect and start verifying your device udid via installing temporary mobileconfig file.

Note: This Link will work on iDevices only. It will not work on desktops.

Step 2:

On Profile installation click, you will find required details about profile.

It’s perfectly safe. So tap on Install in upper right corner.

Step 3:

Its an Optional Step, but it will be asked if your device passcode is enabled.

Enter your device passcode on this screen.

Step 4:

Once you enter passcode, it will confirm the install once again.

Tap on Install on this screen. It will begin the verification.

Step 5:

After your device udid is verified, it will redirect to safari again and will pop up an Installation message.

Tap on Install of that pop up message.

Your iPASTORE installation will begin on your home screen. You can safely get back to your work again by clicking home button.

We hope this helps everyone in need for assistance with installation. If there are any queries please contact us on [email protected], or you can tweet @ipast0re .

Also your suggestions, complaints & feedbacks are always welcome. We really appreciate them.