Hello Everyone,

As you all know, we have been very quite, almost non responsive lately and have not released a single update in two months. We have been getting a lot of complaints, suggestions, feedbacks, so we heard almost every single one of them & now its time for upgrade & some QA.

1. What took you so long?

Its not just a bug fix update, its a major update since v2.0, we have re wrote most of the infrastructure of the app from scratch, getting rid of dirty code & improving the functionality.

We also added few new features, which our valued customers suggested and we happily incorporated them in the application.

2. What about Download Speeds & Apps availability?

We were in discussion with FH Providers, for better speed and keeping file available for as long as possible, we got support from most of our FH Providers and now they are added in BOT, so download speeds should be good also Source File Not Found error should be gone.

About file removal, they have assured us, that they will keep file alive as long as possible even though after DMCA Warnings just until the things get serious for them, there we cant help it.

3. Resign Error?

Over the period of 6 Months we have improved our resigning script quite good, and we are constantly trying to improve it even more, Resign Error is caused due to lot of reasons, we are eliminating them one by one, but its pretty stable now.

4. Whats new?

  • New Server in Resigner Cluster for Faster Resigning Speeds
  • Improvements in Resigning process to support Extensions & watch apps
  • Categories Section for iPad App
  • New Collections Section
  • Wishlist for managing apps you wish to download/Install Later
  • Installs for keeping track of apps installed via iPASTORE
  • Imports for Managing Imported and downloaded files
  • Support for Metadata Removal (Only for Resign Mode) while resign install
  • Support for Duplicate Install (Only Resign Mode) while resign install
  • Support for Enabling iTunes Sharing (Only Resign Mode) while resign install
  • Support for App Rename (Only Resign Mode) while resign install
  • More Information In Settings
  • Contact Us via mail directly from iPASTORE App from Settings
  • Update Checking Fixed
  • Search Improved
  • Removed Dirty Load More Button on All Lists, Now its Infinite Scroll
  • Screenshots Improved
  • Install & Download Buttons Fixed
  • So many Small UI Improvements
  • So many Small Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes from V2.7 especially Notification Badge Not disappearing

Ok i am tired now, its too much. Rest you can check in App. Also more feature requests are appreciated.

5. When the update will be released?

Actually we will have to be on our toes & ready for support requests after this update is out. So we chose weekend. Update should be out by Saturday 1st August, 2015.


You might start getting issues from the moment this post is publish, please do not panic, we are migrating our apis and performing some maintenances on all of our servers. If everything goes as planned entire system should be up and stable by Sunday 2nd August, 2015 at maximum.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter @ipast0re for  updates. I hope everyone will like the new update.

EDIT: iPASTORE Update 3.0 is now Live.

ToDo’s for Update 3.1:

1. Install Options on Self Sign / App Imports

2. Help Guides

3. Few Fixes

4. Open In AppStore

Above features will be covered in Update 3.1.


Thank you!