• Version: 1.4
  • Size: 1.0 Mb
  • Price: $15.99
  • Platform: tvOS
  • Requirements: Minimum iOS Version 9.1
  • Type: TV
  • Delivery Time: upto 24 hours 
  • Full Revoke Coverage – Replacements will be provided as many times apple revokes certificates, not just once. 
  • Device Exchange or License Transfer in 60 Days from date of purchase only
  • Supports upto tvOS 12.x


iPASTORE TV is a hybrid CodeSign utility with which you can resign & install your ipa files on Apple TV 4th Generation itself without need of xcode. Just install files via iFunbox. Simple!

Along with Self signing iPASTORE also comes with quite a few tvOS Apps like Kodi, Live Box, tVOS Browser, Provenance, more coming soon, which work on non jailbroken devices and in Sandbox mode (Apples Security Protocol).

Screenshots Apple TV:

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Available Apps:

  • Kodi
  • PopcornTime TV
  • Provenance
  • Mame
  • tvOSBrowser
  • LiveHDNOW
  • The Simpsons
  • Aerial
  • More apps via: AppCake