Back in 2016, we launched a paid add-on application for windows platform for members, with which they were able to install apps to their ipastore membership devices from windows desktop. App was built around resources we had at that time.

Now we are making it free for everyone to use, the reason is our windows app now can resign iOS apps locally, we don’t need servers anymore. So ipa files aren’t uploaded anywhere they are kept on your device only, after we achieved resigning on local machine, we decided to give it for free to all members.

In recent ventures with GlobalPlusPlus team, we found out that using Cydia Impactor is getting hard day by day, there is need for another tool which can provide functionalities of Cydia Impactor on windows. So thanks to GlobalPlusPlus teams suggestion, we added Sideloading in the windows application.

So, what all the above means?

Now Anyone with a Windows PC can use iPASTORE windows application.

iPASTORE Members:

  • Our iPASTORE Premium/Lite/TV Members can use Windows application for free to manage apps for their membership devices

  • There is no File size limit now, so u can sign any app you want and install on your device

  • all non members features as well

Not iPASTOER Member?:

  • You can use our app for side loading the ipa files just like Cydia impactor does

  • Supports Free Apple Accounts as well as paid dev memberships and Multiple accounts



  • Current iPASTORE Windows users, uninstall previous app and install new from link below

  • If something doesn’t work, its mostly due to internet or permissions on windows just try uninstall/install again


We only capture user IP address and os version for installation log and troubleshooting purposes, nothing else is transmitted to us.

Though we shall make sure and revise it accordingly.

No Apple ID or Password is captured, its on local machine only.


This project is still in beta and rushed release due to request,  so expect some issues, but do not worry we will be releasing regular updates and will be fixing every bug in it.

So far nothing will break but still, we are not responsible for anything, you have been warned. Use at your own Risk.

Userguide, Change log, Wiki, troubleshooting, FAQ’s will follow soon.

Enjoy your apps!!




Download iPASTORE For Windows