Hello Everyone,

We are proud to announce iPASTORE Windows add-on for every iPASTORE Premium, Lite & TV users.

We were getting a lot of request lately for similar mac and desktop clients where people can manage their downloads, manage their iPASTORE packs and devices. As you all know quite a few of you have minimum 2 purchases with us.  iPASTORE windows makes it easy to manage upto 5 of your ipastore purchases from one desktop application. There are many more requested features in it as well.

  • Resign and download iPA Files for any connected device
  • Import and Self Sign ipa files upto 3 GB. it was difficult on iDevice so we added in windows.
  • Install apps on your idevices including Apple TV, works even latest iTunes & iOS 10 beta’s
  • Connect upto 5 iDevice to on windows license.
  • and many more..

Please check links below for more information.

Please note this is our first time, making a windows platform application, due to high number of variants in PC like hardware, operating systems, it might feel buggy. But we assure you it shall be stabilised in due time. We also have quite a few exciting things planned ahead for this add-on.

Also this product is not for Bulk buyers and affiliates or store owners, this is only for end user. So if you are an affiliate or store owner who buys from us in bulk, please do not purchase it.

We hope everyone will like what we did.

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