iPASTORE Windows

 iPASTORE Windows

Important Note:

  • iPASTORE Windows is a paid companion add-on to manage apps from your windows desktops

  • It requires existing purchase of either iPASTORE Premium, iPASTORE Lite or iPASTORE TV Packs

  • We are Re-iterating, this is not a standalone application, it is an add-on. It requires either of existing iPASTORE Premium, iPASTORE Lite, iPASTORE TV purchases to Work.

  • Please use same udid as one of your iPASTORE Premium / Lite /TV purchases for Registration.

  • Device must be trusted with iTunes to use with iPASTORE Windows

  • iPASTORE Windows does not sign apps locally it uses Web Services and Remote Servers for resigning. So your internet charges may apply for download and upload of data.

  • You can manage upto 5 devices which are subscribed to iPASTORE Premium, iPASTORE Lite, iPASTORE TV via iPASTORE Windows.

  • This is initial release and may contain bugs, so if you intend to get refund or open  disputes, please do not purchase.

  • This Product is not for bulk Buyers or affiliates.


iPASTORE Windows is a paid companion Add-on to manage all apps & downloads done via iPASTORE Premium, iPASTORE Lite & iPASTORE TV. You can resign apps using iPASTORE Windows for connected devices, download the resigned apps and install downloaded apps via iPASTORE windows directly without need of iFunbox, etc..

iPASTORE Windows gives you list of all apps on iphonecake.com which you can see in iPASTORE Premium, iPASTORE Lite, iPASTORE TV. So you can resign. download & store them in your collection on you PC.

iPASTORE Windows was developed to work on non jailbroken device primarily, but it works on jailbroken device too. If your device is jailbroken and AppSync Unified is installed, You can install apps using iPASTORE Windows.


  • Windows PC Application
  • Easy Installation & Easy To Use
  • Native App Installation via USB like iTunes of iFunbox
  • Manage upto 5 Devices
  • iPASTORE Lite users get full access to iphonecake.com
  • Import & Resign Files upto 3 GB
  • Auto Updater
  • Full AppCake Support (Download & install apps from AppCake)
    • View Latest Apps
    • View Popular Apps
    • Search AppCake for Apps
    • Browse by Categories
    • Modded Apps
    • Tweaked Apps
    • Apple TV Apps
  • Works on Non-Jailbroken Device
  • Works on Jailbroken Device
  • No Daily Limit Except 1 App at a time
  • Premium Support
  • Works only on 1 Licensed Device per purchase.
  • Transfer your License for free – Open Support Ticket
  • Not For Bulk Buyers


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