Hello Everyone,

We are here with some awesome news for every one. As moving towards our goal we always listen to our customers about what they want and what they say & do exactly that.

Considering some recent suggestions from our clients, we have made some improvements to our services and we assure you more are on their way soon.

Thank you again for all the support.

New PayPal Payment Gateway

Recently we have been told lot of times, that people can not pay using our current payment gateway. So we were looking at possibilities of adding another gateway in our system.

We checked quite a few of the gateways, but none of them came close to paypal. So we have added one more paypal payment gateway to our site.

Everyone is kindly requested if first gateway fails, please try the PayPal Alternate Gateway for the payment. That should definitely help you guys making the payments.

New Site – showmyudid.com

Some of our friends in the circle, wanted  to work and help us out. So we were thinking on how to accommodate them in our team. Then we thought of one of the frequent and biggest problem in iPASTORE Ordering. UDiD.

So our friends have launched a new site https://showmyudid.com in colboration with us, so that everyone can find udid of their iDevice with just one tap.

If you do not know what udid is, please visit https://showmyudid.com to find it before you place your order.

That’s all for now Folks!!