Hello Everyone,

Its been a long time we wrote some blogpost, too much drama and work lately. So our sincerest apologies for disappearing on you. But we assure you we hear everything and we do what we can for our users.

Last couple of months apple started revoking Developer accounts which all codesigning services use which was unprecedented, the result was very dangerous and chaotic. Lot of people got disappointed they lost data, and so many scenarios we faced for sake of our users. We truly apologise for inconvenience caused to each and everyone of you.

We tried to over come these restrictions, but sadly we are left with failures, its Apples System after all. So we came up with changes in our processes, now we will be offering replacements as many times apple revokes certificates to all our users, not like other signing services which are offering only one replacements, it felt like robbing to us. So as long as your membership is active and in duration people will receive replacements for revokes.

We know this is not a good news, we are still trying for stability and avoiding revokes, but so far this is the best we can offer. We will Clarify concepts of Exchanges and Replacements below for better understanding.


If Apple Revokes the developer account whose certificate is assigned to user, it results in ipastore and all apps installed via ipastore crashing, in that case user shall receive free replacements as many times apple revokes for the duration of membership. 


This stays the same, we will change your udid or transfer your licenses from one device to other device only once in 60 days from date of purchase of membership. No exchanges will be provided after 60 days. 

Hope it clarifies all questions for everyone. Also you can contact our support team for anymore information on our Ticketing System.