Dear All,

First of all, We thank everyone and appreciate the response, feedbacks, complaints, suggestions, advices received form everyone of you. That made us what we are today. We read, reply to almost every mail & try to provide best service possible. Though sometimes we miss something, but we are streamlining things pretty fast.

As we said above we get lot of advices, suggestions to make the service better. Considering one of our customers suggestion, we are starting this blog page. Objective of this blog page is to keep everyone informed with latest news, events, updates regarding iPASTORE. We hope this will help everyone.

Now About the app, we have been asking feedbacks, listening to complaints from all of our customers. Studying those we have started revamping iPASTORE, We are bringing cool new features & and something which will surprise(or may be shock everyone). So keep an eye on this blog for updates.

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